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lost light

'Spiller’s artwork is just beautiful 

'Lost Light gets better with every read '

Pipedream's Comics of the Year - Ranked 24th 


Every night Maeve lights up her house with lamps to keep the wilderness away. But the more light she creates the greater the shadows she casts. Only when her lights go out is she able to see how bright the night really is.


Lost Light is a comic that focuses on the effects of light pollution and our relationship with nature and the sky at night. The story is told completely visually, you won't find a single word inside these galaxy-soaked covers, making it suitable for all nationalities and ages. 


The inspiration for Lost Light first found me while I was camping out on the plains of Namibia, watching a meteor shower against the arms of the milky way, miles and miles away from the nearest town or city. Since then I’ve sought out dark skies as often as possible – I recommend a trip to your nearest National Park, most are Dark Sky locations. There’s something about star-gazing in complete moonlight that grounds you, connects you with the cycles of nature, seasons and history. It forces you to look inward and rely on every one of your senses to navigate. And it exposes how much of a bubble city life can be, how disconnected you are from nature on the simplest level.  Lost Light is an ode to that feeling and a reminder that the night sky is always there to welcome you beyond the glow of electric lights. 


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